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Present Simple and Sports

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Present simple

I. Choose the correct word.
1. Adam  his bed in the morning.
2. Tim and Tom  like coffee.
3.  they have English lessons?
4. Kate  sleep in the afternoon.
5.  you often go jogging?
6. The lessons  at three o'clock.
7. Emily can't .
8. Ashley  work on Saturdays.
9. Jim  shopping an Tuesdays.
10. Mary and Sue  like milk.
II. Find 14 sports words.


 III. Read and write in the correct form using Present Simple.
Oscar has got a pet dog called Bim. Bim usually  (sleep) under Oscar's bed.
Every day Oscar  (take) Bim for a walk in the park. Bim  (love) playing soccer with Oscar! Oscar's brother, Rob
 (have got) a pet seal. She is called Sally. Bim and Sally often  (play) together. They  (be) good friends.
Bim's favourite food  (be) carrots! Bim often  (go) with Oscar to the shop. He  (like) it there, because there
are lots of carrots! He usually  (carry) in his mouth! He  (be) very funny!
  IV. Write the word to the picture.
1.   2.    3.    4.  
5.    6.   7.   8.   
9.    10.   11.  
V. Read and choose the wright word.
1. I usually go to school on my .
2. I love horse riding. It's !
3. Jill wants to be a tennis player, so she  every day.
4. Tim  golf every Friday.
5. Ted  the bus to work every morning.
6.  At the beginning of the match, sumo wrestlers  their hands together.
7. Let's  dressed and go out to play!
8. You can join the  group.
9. Do you want anything from the supermarket? I am going .
10.  I do the  in the evening.
 Good luck!!!Smile