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���� ����
�Write the past�participle forms of the following verbs
������������ (regular verbs = ed / d)�� (irregular verbs =�3rd column)�
write break catch
be drink lose
carry take drive
play listen eat
watch arrive wash
Choose the correct option.
Mary �her hair. Susan and Jill �out.
We �our exams. My best friend �me a nice present.
They a big fish. I �my car keys.
I �a long letter to my pen friend. The children �a big mess in the classroom.
Tom �a delicious chocolate cake. She �her hands.
�Complete sentences with�the Present Perfect tense of the verbs in brackets.
We��(DO) our homework. He �(TELL) me a very funny joke.
Mr�Smith �(CUT) his hair.�� Mum �(TIDY) my room.
They �(RUN) a marathon. She �(FORGET) her purse in her office.
I �(FINISH) doing the housework. You �(VISIT) the museum.
Poor Mary! She �(BREAK) her leg, Grandpa �(CATCH) a cold.
�Match the sentences with the pictures. Write the correct numbers in the boxes.
1. She has ironed her clothes. 6. He has gone to the seaside.
2. The baby has kissed a frog. 7. He has fallen asleep.
3. He has woken up. 8. She has decorated her Christmas tree.
4. He has seen a butterfly. 9. She has got married.
5. She has received a bouquet of flowers. 10. He has taken the dog for a walk.
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