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Complete using  THIS - THESE- THAT- THOSE- IS - ARE
 blue  pencils.         
  a pencil case.    
 a beautiful  baby.                                                                                         
  green frogs.                                                               
Read this text and answer the questions choosing an answer. 
Belinda is a student at Manuel Belgrano School.  She is ten years old.  She has got long red hair and big black eyes.  She is tall and very thin.  She gets up at seven o'clock.  Her mother and father get up at six o'clock.  They usually have breakfast at quarter past seven and after that she goes to school at eight o'clock.  At school she studies very much.  She is an excellent student .  Her favourite subject is Math.  In the afternoon, she sometimes rides her bike.  Belinda and her brother often play hopscotch in the park.  Her brother hasn't got a bike.
No, They don't - No, she hasn't - NO, she isn't - Yes, they do - No, she isn't - Yes, she does - No, they don't
No, she isn't  - No they haven't - No, they aren't - Yes, she is - Yes, She does - No, she isn't -
1. Is Belinda 10?  
2. Has she got blonde hair?
3. Are her eyes blue?
4. Is she short?
5. Is she thin?                                                                                              
6. Does she get up at seven o'clock?
7. Do her mother and father get up at quarter past seven?
8. Do they have breakfast at quarter past seven?
9. Is she a bad student?
10. Does Belinda study very much?
11. Do Belinda and her brother ride a bike in the park?
12. Have they got a bike?