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Understanding Texts - Who is in the bathroom?

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Who’s in the bathroom?


It’s eight o’clock on Monday morning. It’s a school day for Emily, Sophie and Adam. Sophie is in the bathroom.


Adam            Who’s in there?

Sophie           Go away!

Adam            Is that you, Sophie?

Sophie           Go away!

Adam            Hurry up! It’s my turn now. I go in the bathroom at eight o’clock.

Mum             What’s the problem, Adam?

Adam            I can’t get in the bathroom. Sophie’s in there. She’s always in there a long time. She listens to the radio. And it’s eight o’clock.

Mum             OK, OK. Come on, Sophie. Can you hurry up, please?

Sophie           What’s the problem? You can go in there now.

Adam            Thank you, Sophie.


Now it’s twenty-five past eight.


Emily            What time is it?

Dad              It’s twenty-five past eight. Where’s your watch?

Emily            Oh, I think it’s in my room.

Sophie           Mum, where’s my sweater?

Mum             It’s on a chair in the kitchen.

Sophie           And where are my sandwiches?

Mum             On the table. Hurry up, please. Are you ready, Adam?

Adam            Yes, I am. I’m not late in the morning. I’m ready at twenty-five past eight. The girls are always late. It’s the same every morning.

Dad              Oh, be quiet, Adam. Come on, you can get in the car.

Find the words from the text

Answer the questions


Who is in the bathroom?   

What time is it?                

Who comes to the door?  

Where is the watch?         

Where is the sweater?     

Where is the chair?          

Who is always late?          



Find the correct question word


.. is in the bathroom? - Sophie is in the bathroom.

.. is the sweater? - It is on the chair.

.. is the first lesson? - It is at nine o'clock.

.. old is your brother? - He is eleven.

.. is the sandwich? - It is on the table.

..  is Emily? - She is Adam's sister.

.. are you? - I'm fine, thanks.

.. day is it? - It's Monday.

.. is in Emily's room? - The watch is in her room.

..  comes to the door? - Mum Comes to the door.

.. time is it? -- It's eight o' clock.


Find the words from this exercise


kitchen, bathroom, car, sandwich, sweater, table, radio, watch, who, when, how, what, where