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As long as there is Christmas

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Listen toand watch the video - choose the correct answer
1.Bell wants the Beast to be happy.
�� Bell wants everybody to be happy.
2.Christmas is only mistletoe and snow.
�� Christmas is more than mistletoe and snow.
3.Love is the strongest of all.
�� Love isn't the strongest of all.
4.The best gift for Christmas is joy.
�� The best gigt for Christmas is hope.
5.The stars lighten the way.���������������������������������������������������
�� The sun lightens the way.
6.They will celebrate Christmas until mid summer.
�� They will celebrate Christmas until June.
7.The lights go on last.
�� The lights go on first.
8.Bell puts a green ornament on the "tree".
�� Bell puts a red ornament on the "tree".
9.Bell's wish is "world peace".
�� Bell's wish ie "world happiness".
10.They know they will have the best Christmas.
���� They believe they will have the best Christmas.