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So / Such

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so / such / such a / such an

Ø      My cousin is intelligent. She has  good marks.

Ø      Enrique Urquijo was talented musician.

Ø      It is  impressive monument.

Ø      Susan is  stupid girl.

Ø      Those building are old.

Ø      You and your brother are  nice boys!

Ø      He is irresponsible not even his wife trusts him.

Ø      She is  honest woman.

Ø      There was  long queue to pay at the supermarket that I missed the bus.

Ø      It was  pity that I couldn’t go to the concert.

Ø      You have comfortable classrooms in this school.

Ø      Today the weather is terrible that I’ve decided to stay at home.

Ø      We had  wonderful holiday last year!

Ø      That man has  lot of money. He is  rich.

Ø      The cruise was  exciting. We visited  beautiful towns.

Ø      We’ve got  terrible arguments at work.

Ø      That model is  beautiful.

Ø      The teachers in that school are  good.

Ø      He’s always talking  lot of nonsense.

Ø      The music was loud they had to call the police.

Ø      That actor is  idiot.

Ø      The bride looks  lovely.

Ø      Paula was  tired she fell asleep on the sofa.

Ø      It was  shame I couldn’t go to Los Secretos concert in Merida last month. I heard it was fantastic!