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1.  Denis arrives school everyday  8:00 a.m.
2.  Our school is located Blvd. Laurier.
3.  I live 22 Main Street.
4. We finish school everyday 3:30 p.m.
5.  We practice our vocabulary the morning.
6.  We will be vacation December two weeks.
7.  Julie will go Montreal tomorrow.
8.  Jessyca goessleep latenight.
9.  Gabriel likes smileeveryone because he is the smile inspector.
10.  Please call metwo hours.
11.  Our computer class isTuesday.
12.  My daughter was born 1980.
12.  There are always good programmestelevision.
13.  Catherine once lived France.
14.  Our books are our desks.
15.  Julie isthe beach.
16.  The coffee is the cup.
17.  School fnishes three weeks.
18.  Please don't stareme.
19.  Josée listensthe class very carefully.
20.  Ann-Marie goes to lunch 11:30 a.m.
21.  She will celebrateChristmas.
22.  He will be away Christmas day.
23.  Nathalie will be away Easter.
24.  They will have a party  New Year's Day
25.  She livesNorth America.
26.  I like going the park.
27.  Isabelle is the beach.
28.  I like to swimthe sea.
29.  School closes a few weeks.
30.  I like to lookbeautiful landscapes.