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HALLOWEEN WEBQUEST - How to kill a vampire ?

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Exercise 1 : What can you say if a person makes a mistake? (tick the correct answers)

 It’s wrong  It’s not possible   It’s true   It’s not true

Exercise 2 : Read the text and find the correct words to fill in the definitions.

a. You must find a good to kill a monster.

b. If you are  , you must go to hospital to see a doctor.

c. If a person is in a   , it means that this person is going to sleep for a long time.

d. If a dangerous monster is in your house and if you don’t have any weapon, you must   !

Exercise 3 : Can you kill a vampire with this weapon?

a. Read the text and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if you think that this weapon can kill a vampire.

b. Indicate the correct name for each picture.


Exercise 4 : How can you recognize a vampire? Find the correct option to describe the picture.