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Ever heard about Thanksgiving ?

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Have ever heard of Thanksgiving ?


The history behind Thanksgiving

Have you ever wondered why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you know why it’s a different date every year?

I- Watch the video
II- Answer the following questions by choosing the correct statement:
1- When was Thanksgiving celebrated in 2010
 2- What do American people do on Thanksgiving ?
3-When did it begin ?
4-Who did the Pilgrim Fathers thank ?
5- What did the Pilgrim Fathers thank God for ?
6-What happened in 1621 ?
7- What happened in 1789 ?
8- Which date was chosen in 1941 ?
9- Which animal is eaten on Thanksgiving ?
10 What is the percentage of Americans eating turkey on Thanksgiving ?
11- How many pounds of turkey are produced every year ?
12- Which vegetable is produced to be served with turkey ?
13- Who nominated turkey the national bird of America ?
14- Which bird is the emblem of the United States today ?
III- What have you learnt about Thanksgiving
In 2010, Thanksgiving Day was on . It is celebrated every year on the  in the United States. It began with the  who wanted to  God and the  for their first . The Plymouth Colonists and the Wanpanoag Indians  their first Thanksgiving in .  Today  it is a  festival for  to meet and have a good meal, they generally eat  and .
IV-  Find 12 words or expressions from the text :