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A-HA 'Hunting high and low'

Complete information about the song:
Choose the correct words
'Hunting High and Low' was realized / released  in the summer of 1986 and became the third most successful / successfull single from 'Hunting High and Low' on the rock chats / charts and one of the band's most recognizable and popular songs. The song didn't chart on the Billboard Hot 100, but charted in Britain where its pick / peak was #5 and in Ireland where it peaked at #4.

The album version was produced / manufactured by Tony Mansfield and is played with / by synthesizers, the single remix produced by Alan Tarney features an orchestra.

Coldplay has been known to acted /perform this song in concert, with a special nod to the band of their initial inspiration.

'Hunting High and Low' is one of a-ha's most famous songs and is part of their live /life set. The song appears on the live album 'How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head'.
Listen to the song and do the tasks:
Choose the correct words

Here / There I am
And within the reach / rich of my hands
She sounds than sleep / asleep and she's sweeter now
Than the wildest dream could have / been seen her
And I Watch her slipping / sleeping away
Though / Through I know I'll be hunting high and low

Write in missing words

There's   end to the   I'll go to
Hunting high and  High
There's    end to    I'll go

Choose the correct words
To find again
this my dreams are depending
the dark
I sense the pounding her heart
Next mine
She's sweetest love I could find
So I guess I'll hunting high and low

Write in missing words
There's  end to the  I'll go to
High and
Do you what it to love you...
Unscramble the words

I'm  IUGHTN high and low
And now she's  EIGNLTL me she's got to
go away
I'll always be   IUGHTN high and low
Hungry for you
Watch me AEIGTNR myself to pieces
  IUGHTN high and low

There's no end to the lengths I'll go to
Oh, for you I'll be  IUGHTN  high and





















Wite in missing words
 within the of my hands
  high and low
the dark
I sense the of her heart
Next to mine
tearing myself to
hungry  you
Find these words: again, asleep, depending, guess, high, means, myself, upon, tearing, watch.



The clues of the crossword:

1. Synonym of ' distance' (6 letters).
2. Phrasal verb meaning 'to get away, leave'(4 ,4).
3. With little or no light(4).
4. To feel or experience something without being able to explain exactly how(5).
5. To hit or beat repeatedly with a lot of force(5).
6. Something that you can hear or that can be heard(5).
7. (Of sleep) it means to sleep deep loud sleep(5).
8. Past participle of 'see'(4).
The crossword answer is the title of the first singl released by A-HA.
Write in missing words and translate them
(students own answers)
 1.Here I am within the reach of my hands
2. She's sound asleep
3. I'll be hunting high and low
4. There's no end to the lengths I'll go to
5. To find her again upon this my dreams are depending
6. I sense the pounding of her heart
7. Watch me tearing myself to pieces