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Test your English! (prepositions of place)

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Test your English! 


I.  Where's the ball? Choose in, on, under, in front of, behind, next to or between.
      The ball is  the box.                It's  the box.             Now it is  the box.
             The ball is   the bear and the box.                     Now it's  the box.
                   The football is  the box.                               The ball is  the box.
II. Make sentences. Put the words in the correct order.
EXAMPLE: play/let's/seek/hide/and ==> Let's play hide and seek.
a)  about/a book/got/parrots/I've ==> .
b) hamster/the/is/where ==> ?
c) on/cushion/he/the/is ==> .
d) new book/my/look at/dogs/ about ==> .   Clap

The room is orange.
It's got a table and two chairs.
It hasn't got a picture.
It has got a mirror.
It's got three windows.
There are five books on the shelf.
There's a yellow clock.
There are two boxes on the shelf.