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Choose the best option to fill in each gap.
1. Is this the museum _______ some foreigners visited last week?
       A. the one                          B. where                         C. what                           D. which 
 2. Do you know the person _______ they were talking?
       A. in whom                        B. to whom                     C. by whom                     D. who
 3. Since her father _____, her eldest brother has looked after them. 
       A. dead                              B. death                          C. died                            D. passing away
 4. My first teacher will never forget the days _______ he spent with us.
       A. in which                        B. during which              C. when                           D. which
 5. - "How long _______ each other before they _______ married?" - "For about a year."
       A. had they known / got                                          B. have they known / get
       C. did they know / were going to get                       D. do they know / are going to get
 6. - "You've left the light on."                                         - "Oh, I have. _______ and turn it off."
       A. I'm going                       B. I go                             C. I'll go                          D. I've gone
 7. 'Are you interested in diving?'                                     -'Very. Undersea life is _____.'
       A. fascinated                     B. fascinating                  C. being fascinating         D. being fascinated
 8. He came to the party, _______ he hadn't been invited.
       A. because of                     B. because                      C. in spite of                   D. although  
 9. In some parts of the world, tea _______ with milk and sugar.
       A. served                           B. serves                         C. is served                     D. is serving
 10. Nora is the person _______ understands me.
       A. which                            B. who                            C. whose                         D. what
 11. _______ here last night.
       A. Something strange was happened                         B. Something strange happened 
       C. Strange something happened                                D. Strange something was happened
 12. 'Did you get any mail?'       'No, I haven't got a letter _____.'
       A. a long time before         B. a long time                 C. since a long time         D. for a long time
 13. Books of this kind _______ well.
       A. is sold                           B. sells                            C. are sold                       D. sell
 14. - "I'm sorry to keep you waiting." - "Oh, not at all. I _______ here only a few minutes."
       A. have been                     B. had been                     C. was                             D. will be
 15. When will another bridge over this river _______? 
       A. to complete                   B. completed                  C. be completed              D. complete 
 16. She gives her children everything _______ they want.
       A. who                               B. that                             C. whom                         D. what 
 17. He likes _______, but he doesn't like _______ today because he doesn't feel well.
       A. to swim / to swim                                                B. to swim / swimming
       C. swimming / swim                                             D. swimming / swimming 
 18. Shirley _______ a book about Japan last year but I don't know whether she has finished it.
       A. had written                   B. wrote                          C. has written                  D. was writing
 19. I'm hungry. Get me something _______. 
       A. eat                                 B. eating                         C. to eat                          D. for eating 
 20. What was the name of the girl _______ passport was stolen. 
       A. who                               B. which                         C. whose                         D. when