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  • Choose the correct word:
1.   a book   the bed.                                                                                      
2. a  bin the desk.
3. flowers  the vase.
4.  a carpet  the floor.
5. some books the shelf. 6.  a schoolbag  the door.
7. a pillow  the book. 7.  slippers  the bin.
1. Is the teddy bear on the desk?                                    
2. Is the lamp on the desk?                                              
3. Are the flowers near the vase?                                    
4.Are the slippers on the floor?                                       
5. Is the plant under the desk?                                        
6. Is the table on the carpet?                                          
7. Are the chairs near the table?                                     
8.Is the brush between the teddy bear and the poster?     
9. Is the pillow on the chair?                                            
10. Are the slippers in front of the bin?                          
  • Answer the questions.
  • Don't forget to start the sentence with the capital letter.
  • Write a full sentence.
  • Example:   Where is the bin?                  The bin is under the table.  
1. Where is the blanket?                                            
2.Where is the vase?                                                  
3. Where is the poster?                                              
4. Where are the books?                                             
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