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"CONNECTORS" - Grammar Guide for Upper Intermediate and Advanced students
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Age: 13-17
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Because, however, or, but, and, so, unless, although/even though, despite, and yet: Conjunctions and Connectors (2 pages, plus KEY)
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Contrast Clauses (although/ even though, but/yet, however, in spite of/despite)
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Connectors of Reason & Result, Purpose and Contrast - Rephrasing
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Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Connectors of Contrast  

Conjunctions (followed by a complete sentence):
o    although, though, even though,  in spite of the fact that.
o    while, whereas
o    but, yet
o    however , nevertheless, even so, on the one hand... on the other hand, on the contrary
Connectors followed by a noun sentence, a noun or a gerund:
o    in spite of , despite 
1.        Some people believe in ghosts and supernatural phenomena      others are skeptical about all that.
2.        She didn’t get the job   her brilliant qualifications.
3.        “That book you’ve been reading must be very interesting"   " , it’s dead boring but I have to read it for school”
4.        I’m not going to speak to her she begs me pardon
5.         the risks thousands of people climb the Everest every year.
6.           I’m thinking of buying a new car.  the old one still works, so I could still use it for a couple of years.
7.        The ad was excellent.  , the product didn’t sell very well.
8.        the weather wasn’t really good, the holidays was great!
9.        The plane landed  the thick fog that covered the runway.
10.      The government wants to pass the law. , the party in the opposition won’t lend them their support to do it.
11.      The book is really interesting,  too specific if you are not an expert

   Connectors of purpose   

     When the subject of the main clause and the subordinate clause is the same. They are followed by a verb
o    in order to, so as to,  toin order not to, so as not to      
     When the subjects of the main clause and the subordinate clause are different or the same but stated. They are followed by a complete sentence.
o    in order that  y so that
1.        I decided to pack up early  I had enough time to go to the airport by bus.
2.        You must always use lots of sun cream  get sunburn.
3.        She has put on some winter clothes  to be warm when she goes out.
4.        Clara didn’t carry a lot of cash  get robbed.
5.         do it properly, you must follow the instructions.
6.        I called an electrician   he would repair the plug in my bedroom.
7.        They’ve been working a lot  save the company from bankrupt.
8.        My family saved money all year  we could have a special holiday abroad.
9.         get vitamins you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables even if you don’t like them much.
10.      My son started to wear glasses   read when he was only 5.