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Facebook Song

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Watch the video and do the following exercises.

Write in or choose the missing words. The images may help.


I wouldn’t call myself

A social

And there’s not much

That me from the other

But when I log in

I begin to


There’s an online

Where I am

Of a little website

to me

With   of me

And a of my friends

And an record

Of the groups that I


What is the correct order of the following lines?


       Of your favourite flicks

                                                              Before the Internet friendship
                                                             You actually had to be

              That with a point and a click

       Who on earth thought

                                                             Was so tough

    I would know whole loads

          In people’s presence and stuff


Choose the correct verbs.


Facebook, Facebook

I ain’t on Facebook

There girls

out at the mall

But now I just for them

on the wall


Take a look on Facebook

Hey, it that late statistics

Link’s the recorder


Match the beginning and the end of the following lines.

                                                       How do you              A  in the picture
                                               Did you hook up                B request confirmation?
                                                   Do you need to             C with this person?

             Or did you                  D know this person?

He looked cute              E  just think

On Facebook?



Tick the lines which contain extra words and write them in the boxes.


If the Internet had crashed

All across the land            

Or my Facebook account

Was deleted by a bad man

I’d carry it around

The picture of my face

And a short summary of me

Typed down on a small page


Facebook, I’m hurt on Facebook

It’s much more than a want,

It’s more than a need

I’d shrivel it up and die

Without my mini-feed.


Take a look on Facebook

Take a look on Facebook