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Subject                                                                       POSSESSIVES

  Pronouns                             Adjectives                                                     Pronouns

I                                              MY                                                      MINE

YOU                                        YOUR                                                  YOURS

HE                                           HIS                                                      HIS

SHE                                        HER                                                     HERS

IT                                            ITS               + NOUN                          ITS                   NOUN

WE                                         OUR                                                    OURS

YOU                                        YOUR                                                  YOURS

THEY                                      THEIR                                                  THEIRS

1. These things belongs to:
            PETER    -----       SALLY        -----          JOHN,  SAM  and  MARY
and choose the correct sentence.
 PETER             SALLY             JOHN, SAM ...                SALLY             SALLY
 his apple                                                                                                                        
   SALLY                     PETER                  SALLY                  JOHN, SAM....     PETER

2. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives


          I  have got a bike. (I)bike is blue.

  (She) brother studies in York.

  They are (he) cousins.

  She is (we) aunt.

  He is (you) uncle.

  You are (they) brother

  This is (she) house.

  That is (we) restaurant.

  She is (they) daughter.

   She is (I) mum and he is (I) dad.

  This is (you) sister.

  It is (dog) bone.

  (she) car is very old.

  (he) car is very old.

  (I) pencil is very short.


3. Choose the correct possessive:

            She is not her friend. He is …………   .

                        my                   mine

            This is …….. car. She bought it yesterday..

                        her                  hers                            

            We  live in a flat. This is …….

                        our                  ours

            He has got a pen. It is …….

                        his                    her

This camera belongs to Peter. This is ….

                        his                  her

            Tom and Jerry are in ………. house.

                        our                 ours

            He forgot ……… money in the shop.

                        mine               his                   I

            …….. name is Beyonc้

                        Hers                Her

             Have you cleaned …….. teeth?

                        yours               your