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QUIZ : Are a sporty person ? + Test your knowledge about football, 4 famous sportsmen and the Fifa World Cup

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Are you a sporty person?

If you can answer at least 70% of these questions correctly (7 out of 10), then you are really a sporty person!!


Exercise 1: Do you recognize these sports? Write the correct word in each box.
horse riding / running / hockey / parachute jumping / handball / weight lifting / gymnastics / golf / motor cross / football / skiing / cycling / judo / canoeing / karate / bowling / basketball / baseball / badminton / ice skating / water polo / volleyball / tennis / table tennis
Exercise 2 : How often do you practise sport ? A quiz to check how sporty you are!

1) How often do you go jogging? 

2) What do you usually do on Sunday?  



3) Do you know David Beckham?


4) What’s your favourite sport?


5) What’s your dream job?

Exercise 3 : How much do you know about football? Find the correct answer!

Goal keeper  /   soccer ball   /   player   /   field or pitch   /   referee   /   goal

  Number 1   
  Number 2
  Number 3
  Number 4
  Number 5
  Number 6

1)This person makes decisions about penalties and goals

2) A group of football player 


3) This person directs the team to help them win 

4) A player assigned to protect the goal 
5) How many players are there in a football team?   


6) Players that cover the middle of the field.


7) A player whose task is to score goals to win the game. 

Exercise 4 : Can you recognize these famous sportsmen ? Find the correct answer.
1) Michael Phelps

a. Michael Phelps is Canadian.

b. Michael Phelps is a famous :
c. Michael Phelps won .......  gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games!

2) Gaël Monfils
a. Gaël Monfils is a famous :
b. Gaël Monfils comes from  :
c. In the French Openin 2008, Monfils ………  
3) Wayne Rooney
a. Wayne Rooney is a famous :
b. Wayne Rooney plays as a striker for :

c. Wayne Rooney became the youngest scorer in competition history when he scored twice against Switzerland during the following match :

4) Tiger Woods
a. Tiger Woods is a famous :
b. Tiger Woods is from :
Exercise 5 : Read the text about the Fifa World cup in South Africa (2010) and answer the question

The Fifa World cup in South Africa (2010)


In 1928, when the Frenchman Jules Rimet devised a football league with the leading teams in the world, it was the main sports tournament of all time. In 80 years of history, the numbers of the World Cup are:
In 1930, 13 teams participated the tournament in Uruguay with 18 matches. In South Africa this year, the competition will have 32 teams and 64 games. In the last World Cup in 2006, about 26 billion viewers saw the matches in 214 countries.
In South Africa, there are seven world champions’ teams - Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England and France – and there are two selections candidates to win the trophy. Spain, the first in the FIFA rankings, promises to consolidate itself as a traditional selection, and the Netherlands, decided to show that it can conquer the world
a) The World Cup is eighty years of history.
b) Uruguay World Cup, in 1930, thirty-two teams participated in the tournament in sixty-four matches.
c) At the last World Cup in 2006, twenty-six billion viewers saw the World Cup in two hundred and fourteen different countries.
d) For the 2010 Africa World Cup, there are seven world champions´ teams participating, which are Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England and Spain.