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Reported questions in the present

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Yes-No questions

Task – Make reported questions in the present. Look at the example.

e.g.: Is this my birthday cake? Peter asks Mary if that is his birthday cake.


1)      “Will you send me an e-mail?” Marty to Kim


2)     “Were you driving your car when you had an accident?” The police to Mr Lloyd


3)    “Did you give up smoking last month?” The doctor to Mrs Smith


4)    “Have you done the washing up?” Mum to me


5)    “Can’t you phone your mother at home?” The teacher to Tim


6)    “Do you like sleeping?” I to Greg


7)    “Has your house been redecorated?” My neighbour to me


8)    “Were you punished for being late?” Mum to Ben


9)    “Do I have to mow the lawn in our garden today?” Tom to his wife


10) “Are they taking the dog for a walk now?” Kate to me






Task - Make reported questions in the present. Look at the example.

e.g.: Who is this flower for? Mary asks Peter who that flower is for.


1)      “What’s your name?” The officer to Sam


2)    “How could you drive here in this storm?” Linda to the writer


3)    “Why are you wearing this awful shirt?” The boss to Mr Grey


4)    “When will the lunch be ready?” Tina to her mum


5)    How did you try to cope with this problem?” The psychologist to Sylvie


6)    “Where did you find this great book?” The teacher to Jack


7)    “Where are you from?” Mike to Sam


8)    “How many apples have you eaten today?” Mum to Paul


9)    “What can I do for you?” The greengrocer to Mrs Hill


10) “Where is my tie?” Dad to the children




Task - Make reported questions in the present. Now the receiver (Y) is given in the direct sentence.

1)      Mum: “Where are my new slippers, children?”


2)    Greg: “Have you checked the door, Lisa?”


3)    Mrs Drill: “Whose composition isn’t on my desk, Sam?”


4)    Ms Stone: “Will you help me if I ask you to, Andy?”


5)    Grandma: “Why are you so sad, Peter?”


6)    Mrs Farrell: “How could you help with the preparation of the party, Mr Kyle?”


7)    Mr Marvel: “Have you read my latest report about your son, Mrs Lodge?”


8)    Daisy: “Are you going out tonight, Lana?”


9)    The stewardess: “Would you like to drink a cup of coffee, Mr Miles?”


10) Peggy: “When did you lose my telephone number, Doug?”





Task – Short answers. Rewrite the sentences into reported sentences in the present. Look at the example.

e.g.: Have you done the homework? Yes, I have. Sam asks Mary if she has done the homework and she says she has.


1)      “Did you see the match yesterday?” Tom to Peter “Yes, I did.”


2)    “Do you always get up early?” Frank to me “No, I don’t.


3)    “Has Jack repaired your broken TV?” Fiona to grandma “Yes, he has.”


4)    “Can you play the guitar?” Anne to me “Yes, I can.”


5)    “Will you lend me your new book?” Donna to Luke “No, I won’t.”


6)    “Had you watered the flowers before you went on holiday?” Tom to Pat “No, I hadn’t.”





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