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Read and answer:

  1. is eleven years old.

  1. is in the 5th grade.

  1. David and Adam learn in .

  1. How old is David?��.

  1. They have five lessons every day.�Yes/ No .

  1. What do they do in the afternoon?

a. go to the cinema

b. play computer games

c. do homework

  1. Who is in the 6th grade?�����������.

  1. When do they go to the beach?

��� a. every day��

��� b.in the afternoon

��� c. in summer

  1. When do they watch TV?

a .in the afternoon

b. in the evening

c. in the morning

  1. likes cats.

  1. is not good at swimming.

  1. Where can the boyswatch a movie? .

  1. Their favorite sports are��basketball and football. Yes/ No

  1. David can't swim.� Yes/ No

  1. A good name for the story is:

a. Twogood pupils

b. Two good friends

c.David's and Adam's pets

Write�the correct question word:

1.��� are they good friends?�����������������������because�they like to help each other.

�� �2. do they play after school?����������������in their tree house.
��� 3. is a good swimmer?�����������������������������David.

��� 4. color is David's dog?��������������������������It is white.

5. is David?������������������������������������������He is�10 years old.�

�� 6.����� do the boys play on computer?�����������in the afternoon
1. I don't like this book. It is .
2.�This hat costs only 2 dollars. It is very �.
3. My brother is a basketball player. He is very .
4. We all like the new "Harry Potter"�movie. It is�so !
5.� My parents are very� . They are 35 years old.
6. Our school is 120 years old. It is an �school .
7. I and my friend like baseball. We have the� hobby.
8. Your shoes cost 150 dollars. They are too�.
9.I am not tall. I am �for my age.
10. He likes sport.She likes music. They have �hobbies.

Match the pictures to the sentences:

Two girls are talking. They are going to school.��� �
My mother is working in the��kitchen��now.����������
Three girls are dancing.�������������������������������������� ������������
I like to watch cartoons with my grandmother.���
We are having a picnic on the beach.��������������� ������
There are five pupils in the classroom.�����������������
The little girl is happy to see�her grandparents.� �
I am doing�the homework in my room.�����������������
My father is working in the restaurant.��������������
My sister has birthday today. She is eight.�������� ���
The boy is writing on the board now.�����������������
There are presents on the table.������������������������

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