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Read and answer:

  1. is eleven years old.

  1. is in the 5th grade.

  1. David and Adam learn in .

  1. How old is David?  .

  1. They have five lessons every day. Yes/ No .

  1. What do they do in the afternoon?

a. go to the cinema

b. play computer games

c. do homework


  1. Who is in the 6th grade?           .

  1. When do they go to the beach?

    a. every day  

    b.in the afternoon

    c. in summer


  1. When do they watch TV?

a .in the afternoon

b. in the evening

c. in the morning


  1. likes cats.

  1. is not good at swimming.

  1. Where can the boys  watch a movie? .

  1. Their favorite sports are  basketball and football. Yes/ No

  1. David can't swim.  Yes/ No

  1. A good name for the story is:

a. Two  good pupils

b. Two good friends

c.  David's and Adam's pets


Write the correct question word:

1.    are they good friends?                       because they like to help each other.

    2.  do they play after school?                in their tree house.
    3.  is a good swimmer?                             David.

    4.  color is David's dog?                          It is white.

5.  is David?                                          He is 10 years old. 

   6.      do the boys play on computer?           in the afternoon
1. I don't like this book. It is .
2. This hat costs only 2 dollars. It is very  .
3. My brother is a basketball player. He is very .
4. We all like the new "Harry Potter" movie. It is so !
5.  My parents are very  . They are 35 years old.
6. Our school is 120 years old. It is an  school .
7. I and my friend like baseball. We have the  hobby.
8. Your shoes cost 150 dollars. They are too .
9.I am not tall. I am  for my age.
10. He likes sport.She likes music. They have  hobbies.

Match the pictures to the sentences:

Two girls are talking. They are going to school.     
My mother is working in the  kitchen  now.          
Three girls are dancing.                                                   
I like to watch cartoons with my grandmother.   
We are having a picnic on the beach.                      
There are five pupils in the classroom.                 
The little girl is happy to see her grandparents.   
I am doing the homework in my room.                 
My father is working in the restaurant.              
My sister has birthday today. She is eight.            
The boy is writing on the board now.                 
There are presents on the table.                        

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