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  • Match the words:

1. The band is playing our song. Let's�� .��� ( write,� dance, work)
����������� 2. My�grandfather� �old coins.����������������( calls,� collects, eats)��������
� 3. My tooth hurts. I will go to the� .� ����� ( baker,teacher,dentist)
������� 4. I have pen pals around the .��������������� � ( city,� world, school)������ �
  • Read the e-mail and answer:

  • Choose the correct answer:����
1.Debby writes about her city.

2.Debby writes about her sister.

3.Debby writes about her clothes.

4.Debby writes about her hobby.

5.Debby writes about her age.

6.Debby writes about her friends.

7.Debby writes about her pet.

8.Debby writes about her parents.

9.Debby asks questions.

10.Debby writes what she likes
��� to�do.

  • Find in the e -mail�:
1. the name of a country

2. the name of a city

3. the name of�a color

4. the name of a team �������������������������
5. the names of two sports

(8 letters)�and (10 letters)

6. the name of a job

  • Choose the correct answer:
1. Debby is���� 13����/�� �14�� /��� � 16��years old.
2.�She has� brown�/��� blue��� /� �grey��� eyes.
3.Debby collects��dolls / coins� / �stamps of birds.
4.�She plays�� swimming / tennis /� basketball��twice a week.
5. Debby likes to sing songs�/ surf the net /� write e-mails �.
6.She��enjoys / hates / likes going to the dentist.
7.Debby likes reading animals / birds /history books.
  • Write�the correct question word:

1.�is California?����������������������������������������� � in USA

2.�is 16 years old?�����������������������������������������Debby's sister

3.�does she write an e-mail?������������������������� because she wants to find pen pals

4.�is her favorite basketball team?������������� the LA Eagles

5.�is Debby?��������������������������������������������� 14 years old
6.�does she play basketball?��������������������twice a week
7.�pets does Debby have?������������������������ one pet dog
8.� does she collect?�������������������������������������stamps
9.�likes�dancing?������������������������������������������� Debby
10.�color is Debby's hair?�����������������������������She has blonde hair.

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