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Halloween activity - Get ready for your audition: Buffy the Vampire Slayer needs help!

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WANTED : Buffy the Vampire Slayer needs a new weapons specialist !


Would you like to help Buffy in her fight against dangerous monsters ?

Get ready for your audition :
  • you must prove that you know a lot of details about ancient and common weapons
  • you must prove that you know which weapons are useful to kill a specific type of monster
Exercise 1: Write the category of weapons next to the correct definition
 : it corresponds to a primitive weapon that can send projectils without any explosion (for example : a bow with arrows).
 : this type of weapon can cause a devastating explosion (for example: a hand grenade).
 = common objects used in everyday life (for example : a kitchen knife, a holy bible, a baseball bat, a pair of scissors ...).
 : this weapon can produce fire to destroy something (for example: a flamethrower).
 : it corresponds to any weapon that does not involve a projectile (for example: an axe, a sword, a stake, a knife, ...).
 : this type of weapon can create an explosion to send a projectile (for example: a machine gun, a revolver, a bazooka, ...).
Exercise 2: Write the name of each weapon and match the pictures with the correct category
a bow with silver arrows, a crossbow, a hand grenade, a kitchen knife, an axe, a rope, a cross and bible, holy water, a baseball bat, a flamethrower, a mace, a sword made of black silver, a stake, a machine gun, a revolver, silver bullets, a sniper rifle, a bazooka, a pair of scissors
Exercise 3: Read the following descriptions about different monsters and find the correct answer.
1) How can you kill a dragon?

Battle Axe
Definitely not a good choice to use against Dragons. It is too slow to really be of any use against dragons because they move very quickly. But if the dragon is injured and cannot fly, you can use the battle axe to cut off his head.
Long sword
The long sword is very accurate and especially powerful against dragons. The damage of the sword is lower than that of a battle axe, but its speed surpasses the battle axe by a long shot. If you're lucky and don't miss too often, using it you can deal a lot of damage in a short period, but you won't kill a dragon with a sword.
Probably the most important thing about arrows is the fact that it can be poisoned. Not only does the weapon have a fast speed in combat but it’s the only weapon that you can use to reach a flying monster! So when poisoned, it can deal a lot of damage quickly to dragons. As with the sword though, there is no guarantee that you will always hit. You must practise a lot to reach a target which moves fast.
Magic is also very effective against Dragons due to their low Magic defence. The recommended spells are: Fire Bolt, Fire Blast and Slayer Dart. Magic is also effective for the same reasons as arrows: you can shoot a flying creature and you don't take any damage if you are in a safe spot.
   A battle axe
 A long sword
 A crossbow with poisoned arrows
 A baseball bat
   A book of magic spells

2) How can you kill a werewolf ?

The werewolf is often portrayed as being invincible and nearly indestructible.

They are not affected by religious symbols like crucifixes and holy water. A lot of people say that decapitation of its head and removal of its heart are the only possibilities to kill one. But werewolves can be killed by any wound that destroys the heart or the brain. So you can use any weapon to try to destroy the heart and cut its head.

In other superstition, the weapon of choice is the silver bullet and other weapons made of silver (a silver axe, a silver sword, a silver dagger …) because silver is a poison for Werewolves. But Werewolves can regenerate quickly, so it is essential that you destroy the heart and brain.

Since it is likely that a werewolf will overpower a human in close combat, it is essential to have a gun or a bow in order to shoot silver projectiles to slow the creature down.
 Holy water
 A sword made of black silver
 A sniper rifle
 A gun with silver bullets
3) How can you kill a vampire?

Some people think that they can shoot a vampire with a gun… But it’s wrong! You can’t kill a vampire with a gun! You can only kill him with a wooden stake through the heart, you can decapitate him with a sword or with a hammer, and you can burn him with fire or sunlight.
But it’s recommended to have a cross and holy water to slow them down because they are very strong and they can move very fast. If you can injure a vampire with a cross and holy water, it will stop him for a moment and you will have time to kill him properly.
   A cross and holy bible
 A hammer
 A flamethrower
  Holy water      
 A stake through the heart
4) How can you kill a Hydra?

The hydra is a very dangerous monster because it begins its life with 4-8 heads, and if you cut one head, the hydra will regrow two heads in its place, becoming stronger and healing significantly in the process.
If, however, you use a flaming edged weapon, no heads regrow. So, the best way to kill a hydra is to cut one head after the other and quickly burn the holes with fire so that the new heads cannot regrow. But you need to be an army to kill a Hydra this way!
The Hydra is very strong and will kill you before you have time to decapitate and burn all the heads. Therefore, you should use a magic book of spells to incapacitate the creature for a moment.
 A sword
  A gun
 A flamethrower
    A book of magic spells    
 A rope
Exercise 4: Imagine you go on an expedition to kill monsters and you can choose only 4 weapons to put in your bag. Which weapons are more important?
Write "yes" if you think it's the best solution. 
Write "no" if it's not the correct solution.
1. You take a bow with silver arrows, holy water, an axe and a flamethrower 
2. You take a crossbow, a silver battle axe, a mace and a stake
3. You take a hand grenade, a sword, a gun with silver bullets and a rope
4. You take a cross and holy bible, a flamethrower, a sniper rifle with silver bullets and a bazooka