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English test
A- Hopwood Ltd sent out a direct mail letter to advertise its portables air-conditioning units. Choose the best modal verbs to complete the letter.
����������������������������������������������������������������������� A hot summer in Britain?
You �be joking! But you �be an expert to notice that the weather is changing and climate is getting warmer. Well, now you �invest in an expensive air-conditioning system! What you �do is to install a Hopwood TF9 Portable Air-Conditioning Unit. So small that you can move it from room to room and it stores away easily when not in use. You �place a large order as we sell the Hopwood TF9 units individually. But once you try one you�ll want one in every office and meeting room in your company! The Hopwood TF9 is something that you �be without this summer!
B-Complete the sentences with the past simple or present perfect simple form of the verbs.Don�t use short forms
1- Yesterday, the exchange rate was $ 4.50. Today it is $4.30.
It �(go down) by 20 cents.
2- In 1998 the price per litre was $2.50. In 1999 it was $3.50
It �(increased) by $1.00
3- Last year it cost HKD $400� and this year it still costs HKD $400.
The price
4- At the start of the week, share prices in Tokyo rose by 3.50%
They are not rising now. They �(remain) steadly.
5- Prices started to fall last year. This year they are still falling very quickly.
They �(drop) to the lowest point in 10 years.
6- The price was the same in January 2005 as it was in December 2005.
Prices � (not rise) in 2005.
C- Write the correct form of the verb in the conditional types 1 and 2.Don�t use short forms
1- If that customer � (HAVE) a problem with his next purchase, someone will have to visit him.
2 -If I �( NOT THINK) the idea would work, I wouldn�t invest in it.
3- Sales would increase if we �(IMPROVE) the design.
4- What would we do if profits �(go down)?
5 - He �(handle) the problem better if you give him all the information this afternoon.
D-Choose the correct word to complete the sentences
1 The �hould not trade any products that are poor quality.
2 You should buy your new laptop in the . They are selling last year�s models very cheaply.
3 My customers know waht they want and don�t like to be pressuried - so I don�t need to use any �sell.
4 Yes it is very popular - in fact it�s our �selling design.
5 We don�t have an aggressive sales style. We prefer to use � sell to encourage cosumers to buy our products.
6 I am afraid we �out of that style last week. Would you like me to order one for you?