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personal pronouns - object case

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Use a personal pronoun instead of the underlined word:

1. Look at Mary. Look at

2. Listen to John. Listen to
3. I cant find my bag. I cant find
4. Nick repaires my car. Nick repairs
5. Please, close the door. Please, close
6. I cant find my friends. I can't find
7. Switch the TV on, please. Switch on
8. I like the house very much. I like very much
9. I like the Millers . I like
10. Mary speaks with Sandra. Mary speaks with
11. Do you see Simon and his brother? Do you see ?
12. Can you help me and my sister? Can you help ?
13. Please, open the box. Please open
14. I eat bananas every day. I eat every day
15. He looks at the girls and smiles. He looks at and smiles
16. I can do this exercise. I can do
17. Peter likes dogs. Peter likes

Fill in the correct personal pronoun:

1. This book is for Peter. Give it to .

2. My penfriend Barbara lives in London. This is a letter from .

3. I have got a problem with my homework. Can you help ?

4. Here are two boxes for Jack: Please give to.

5. Mr Ringer, our maths teacher, is very friendly. He always helps with our exercises.

6. Jims father likes music, so Jim gives a cassette.

And once again... we need the personal pronoun

He can't buy that house. It is too expensive for !

I'm so hungry. Please, givean apple!

Where is the football? We must look for !

What have you got for mum? -I have got a book for !

Laura is my best friend. I like very much.

Where is little Joe? I can't see!

Where is Mary? I must talk to !

This is a nice film. I like very much.

Where is Mr Brown? I want to speak to !

I know you are behind the flowers, but I can't see.

Do you know where my trainers are? I can't find !

I can't come to your party, but here is a present for !

Pick some apples and putinto the basket.