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The Boy Who Cried Wolf / Past Tense

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Watch the video :
Choose the correct verb:











Write the verbs in the Past Tense:
Once upon a time there �(live) a little boy.

�����His name (be)� Peter.�Peter ( not live) in the town.

��� �He� �(live) in�a small�village and (look) after sheep.

��� �Peter (be)a shepherd.

���� He (think) it was a very boring job.

One day Peter (be) very bored and he �(decide) to play a joke on the people

���� in�the�village.

����� He �(run ) down the hill and (cry) �Wolf! Wolf! Help!

����� Come quickly! Wolf!�Please� help me!
���� The people�� (be)� very busy, but they �(leave) everything and(come)
�����quickly��� and�(run ) to helpPeter.
���� When they �(arrive), the sheep were eating� quietly andthere (be)� no wolf.
���� Peter �(tell) them it wasajoke.
���� They �(go)� back to thevillage angrily.

Peter �(begin) to laugh. The people are so funny and silly! They are not clever at all.�

�����He� �(decide)�to play the same�joke again.

�����He ( shout): �Help! Come quickly! Wolf!�
���� And again people� �(run ) to the hill to help him.
���� It (be)�another joke.

�� �The people �(become) very angry.

�� ��Lies are not jokes� they �(say), and� �(go)� back home.

Three days later the weather (be) warm and sunny.

���� The boy was sleeping under a big tree in the sun.
�����Suddenly he �(wake) up. He (see) a big wolf. �Wolf!� cried the boy.
��� �Wolf! Help! Come quickly! Wolf! I need help!�

���� The people �(not come) to help him and the wolf (eat) his sheep.

���� Too late Peter �(understand) thatisvery badto tell lies.

The moral of the story is, that "Nobody believes a liar...even when
����he is telling the truth!"

Find in the text:

1. an animal in the story that kills other animals

2. a person who looks after sheep

3. an animal in the story that eats grass

True or False

  1. The boy watched the sheep and horses.������������������������������������������������������������������True / False
  2. The boy shouted �Wolf! Wolf!�for the first time because he was in danger.�������True / False
  3. When the�people came to help the boy he was laughing.���������������������������������������� True / False
  4. The boy played his joke only once.������������������������������������������������������������������������ � True / False
  5. When the wolf came the boy was scared.�������������������������������������������������������������� True / False
  6. The boy was�happy at the end of the story.����������������������������������������������������������True / False����������
Homework:Answer in your notebooks�
  • What was the boy�s job?
  • What trick did the boy keep playing on the villagers?
  • Why did the boy cry wolf all the time?
  • Who came to help the boy?
  • What happened when there was a real wolf and he called for help?
  • Why do you think the boy shouted, �Wolf! Wolf!� the first time ?
  • Why didn�t the villagers come to help the boy the third time?
  • What lesson did the boy learn from his experience?

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