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������� Personal ��������������� ��������POSSESSIVE

������� Pronouns�������������� adjectives���������pronouns

����������� I�������������������������MY������������������� MINE

��������������������� �YOU����������������� YOUR�������������� YOURS����������

��������� HE�������������������� HIS������������������� HIS

����������� SHE������������������ HER����������������� HERS

����������IT���������������������� ITS������������������� ITS

����������� WE������������������� OUR����������������� OURS

���������������������� THEY�������������� THEIR������������� THEIRS�����������

1.- Complete with possessive pronouns.

This pencil is (you)

This book is (I)
This apple is(She)
These pens are (he)

Those bones are (dog)

This car is (we)

This house is (Mary and John)
2.-� Choose the correct word.������

������ This is not my mine umbrella.

������ That is youryours house.

������ My house is white, this is notmymine

������ Her car is red, that is not herhers

��������� ������� Our teacher is very kind. He is ours our

������ My house is bigger than theirtheirs

������ My pencil is longer than your yours

�������� ������� Is it your yours laptop?

������ We have got three dogs. They are ourours

������ They have got a cat. This is their theirs

������ He has got a red bike. This is hishers

������ She eat a burger. This is her hers.

������ This is my handbag. That isn�t my / mine

3.- Complete with a possessive adjective and pronoun:

I've got a pencil
This is pencil
This is .
She is a teacher.
She is ��� teacher
She is
He eats a hamburger
This is� hamburger
This is
They have got balloons
They are� balloons
They are

We have got a TV
This is� TV
This is
You have got saandals
They are�� sandals
They are
It's my birthday
This is �cake
This is
She eats an ice cream
This is� ice cream
This is