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Christmas song : Shake up happiness by Train

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the happiness

 the happiness

Shake up the happiness

It's   time.

There's a   that I was told

And I wanna tell the  before I get too

And don't  it so let's  it

And reassemble it, oh yeah

Once upon a time in a   like this

A little   made a great big

To fill the world full of happiness

And be on   's magic list.


 it up

 up the happiness

 it up

 up the happiness

Come on y'all

It's  time


Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho

At the   time miles away

A little   made a wish that

That's the world would be

And   would   him say :

I got   and I got

I got my   on the ground

And  above

Can you   some happiness

With my  to the rest of the

Of the  and the  and

Maybe every once in a while

Give my  a reason to

In the season of smile

It's  but we'll be freezing in style

Let me  a girl one day

That wants to spread some  this way

We can let our souls run  and

She can  some happiness with me

Chorus (bis)

I know you're out there

I hear your

I see the  where

Your  have been

I'm gonna show them

So they will know then

Their love will

When they  again

Chorus ( a few times)