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Christmas song : Shake up happiness by Train

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the happiness

the happiness

Shake up the happiness

It's� �time.

There's a� �that I was told

And I wanna tell the� before I get too

And don't� it so let's� it

And reassemble it, oh yeah

Once upon a time in a� �like this

A little� �made a great big

To fill the world full of happiness

And be on���'s magic list.


�it up

�up the happiness

�it up

�up the happiness

Come on y'all

It's� time


Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho

At the� �time miles away

A little� �made a wish that

That's the world would be

And� �would� �him say :

I got� �and I got

I got my� �on the ground

And� above

Can you� �some happiness

With my� to the rest of the

Of the� and the� and

Maybe every once in a while

Give my� a reason to

In the season of smile

It's� but we'll be freezing in style

Let me� a girl one day

That wants to spread some� this way

We can let our souls run� and

She can� some happiness with me

Chorus (bis)

I�know you're out there

I hear your

I see the� where

Your� have been

I'm gonna show them

So they will�know then

Their love will

When they� again

Chorus ( a few times)