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Mr Bean .Parking at the cinema

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Look up these words in a dictionary. What do they mean?
1. traffic cones
2. walking stick
3.taxi  driver
4. number plates
5. ticket
Watch the film "Mr Bean parking at the cinema".
Which word  did not appear in the film?
traffic cones
walking stick
taxi driver
number plates
Watch it once again and answer the questions:

              1. They play ......at the cinema

a) Titanic                                 b) Harry Potter                              c) Robin Hood


2. Mr. Bean uses ......to help him park his car.

a) other cars                             b) traffic cones                              c) papers


3. Mr. Bean`s car is.....

a) yellow                                  b) red                                             c) green


4. What fell into the hole?

a) a small, yellow car              b) a small, dirty  car                         c) a small, very clean                                 



5. What are Mr. Bean`s numer plates?

a) STE 9599                             b)STE 952R                                    c) STE9595


6. The old lady from the taxi uses.... to walk better.

a) a walking steak                       b) a walking sneak                            c) a walking stick


7. The taxi driver is ...

a) wearing black trousers, a yellow hat and he has a moustache.

b) wearing a beige shirt, black trousers , a green hat .

c) wearing a green hat and he hasn`t got hair.


8.What colour is Mr. Bean`s tie?

a) yellow                                   b) black                                            c) red