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Road Safety with Love

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Almost � A True Story � By Marsha Goren

The road is full of cars. Traffic, traffic, and more traffic!

A little boy is playing with a football on the sidewalk. Suddenly, the ball bounced into the street and the boy didn�t look before running after it.
I will never forget that moment. A big bus was coming towards him. The bus driver pressed down on the brakes and stopped on the bus. A miracle happened. The bus did not touch the boy. Everyone on the bus was happy.
The driver got off the bus and only looked at the boy. The little boy began to cry. The little boy understood that he almost lost his life. He saw his life as a present from God.
Remember that �Almost� when you play with your friends.


Where did the little boy play?������

Was the boy careful when he ran into the street?

True or� false Correct the false sentences.
1.� 1. The boy ran after a cat.����
2.� 2. The boy was not careful.����
3.� 3. You must be very careful.�����
4.�� 4. The boy played on the sidewalk.������
5.�� 5.The boy did not see his life as a present from God.

FFind the opposites in the story.

1.��������������� empty������

2.��������������� big����������

3.��������������� without�����

4.��������������� remember

5.��������������� up������������

6.��������������� sad����������

7.��������������� gained�����

8.��������������� enemies

9.��������������� after���������

1.����� found������

����� ����������������
����������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� �����������������������������

Enjoy your work!! Be careful and save your life.