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Use to review vocabulary learned during online interactive  http://www.fieldmuseum.org/Chocolate/manufacture_interactive/manufacture.html 

A. Blending            A process by which a variety of roasted cacao beans are combined before grinding.


B. Chocolate liquor    Chocolate liquor to which a milk product, sugar, vanilla, and often lecithin have been added.

C. Conching            The flavor derived from the pod of a tropical orchid and an ingredient in all good chocolate.
D. Dark chocolate     The finely ground nib, or meat, of the cacao bean.
E. Fermentation       Chocolate that does not contain chocolate liquor, but has cocoa butter, diary, sugar,
                                     vanilla, and often lecithin.

F. Grinding            That which is left of chocolate liquor after most of the cocoa butter has been removed;

                                      when pulverized, it becomes cocoa powder. 

G. Interior           A process in which rotating blades or heavy rollers knead liquid chocolate to make a smooth

                                      texture, aerate the chocolate, and enhance its flavor. 

H. Milk chocolate     A pulverizing process that turns roasted cacao bean nibs into chocolate liquor.


I. Nibs                A confection of ganache, coated with chocolate and often dusted with cocoa powder, which
                                      might mimic the shape of the black truffle, a mushroomlike delicacy.
J. Press cake        A process of heating, cooling, and reheating chocolate so that it will solidify in a smooth,
                                      stable form.
K. Roasting           A heating process that develops the chocolate flavor of cacao beans.  
L. Seizing             Chocolate that contains no milk, and more than 50% cocoa content.
M. Tempering        The dark bits of the cacao bean that remain when the shells detach from the beans after
                                    they have been roasted; the fundamental essence of chocolate.
N. Truffle           A hardening into crystals of certain components in chocolate, causing the chocolate to lose
                                    its smooth-flowing texture.
O. Vanilla            The contents or centers of confections commonly covered with chocolate.
P. White chocolate    A natural process by which bacteria modify the cacao bean and the pulp from the pulp from
                                    the cacao pod, to yield the characteristic chocolate flavor.