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Christmas Vocabulary Words

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Match the words with meanings and pictures.
*eggnog �- ������������������
*mistletoe �-
*sleigh �-
*Santa Claus �-
*fireplace �-
*wreath �-
*reindeer �-
��A-�B- C- D- E- F-�G-
1- a circular band, usually of flowers or foliage woven or twisted together, used as a symbol or decoration.
2- a light horse-drawn cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice.
3- in folklore, a fat, bearded old man in a red suit who lives at North Pole and brings children presents at Christmas.
4- any of several related large deer found in the colder regions of Europe, Asia, and Greenland both sexes of which have branching atlers.���� Though to pull Santa's sleigh.
5- a parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia and North America, having evergreen leaves and bearing white berries and small, yellow flowers. Often used as a Christmas decoration.
6- an indoor recess in a chimney, in which fires can be made; hearth.
7- a traditional Christmas drink made of beaten eggs, milk or cream, and sugar.