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Prepositions of Place
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Fill in the missing prepositions.

1.) What's wrong �Jane today? She looks so sad.�Unhappy

2.) What time do you get up �Mondays?�

3.) Tomorrow will be the 15th� January.

4.) I know many stories� dragons.

5.) I stayed up� 2 o'clock in the morning.

6.) I always talk a lot with my parents� the evening.

7.) He's lived there� 1980.

8.) Where did you go �school?

9.) We usually work� nine� five.

10.) They made a lot of noise �the lesson.

11.) They've been waiting �an hour.

12.) Is there a glossary� the end of the book?�

13.) They didn't speak to each other for 5 weeks, but they made up� the end. ��

14.) Luke's always� time, he's never late.

15.) Do you want to go to the swimming pool� car, or can we go� foot?

Prepositions of place


1.) The vase is� the shelf.

2.) All your clothes are� the suitcase.

3.) My boyfirend is waiting me� the bus stop.

4.) The sign� the door read 'Exit'.

5.) The cat is sleeping� the kitchen table.

6.) The man standing� me was really impolite.

7.) The dog was hiding� the bush.

8.) Is there a park� your house?

9.) The library is located� the post office and the cinema.

10.) I found this letter� some old photos.