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Interesting facts about ants

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Choose the correct word from the list and complete the sentences. Do not use the words more than once.

  • also
  • are
  • as
  • can
  • coming
  • each
  • in
  • instead
  • like
  • many
  • much
  • of
  • only
  • outside
  • over
  • pair
  • sense
  • than
  • times
  • which

 all insects, ants have six legs.  leg has three joints. The legs of the ant are very strong so they  run very quickly. If a man could run as fast for his size  an ant can, he could run faster  a racehorse. Ants can lift 20  their own body weight. 

The average life expectancy of an ant is 45-60 days. Ants use their antennae not  for touch, but  for their  of smell. The head of the ant has a  of large, strong jaws. The jaws open and shut sideways like a pair of scissors. Adult ants cannot chew and swallow solid food.  they swallow the juice  they squeeze from pieces of food. They throw away the dry part that is left . The ant has two eyes, each eye is made  many smaller eyes. 

The Army Ant of South America, can have as  as 700,000 members in its colony. The Leaf Cutter Ants are farmers. They cut out pieces of leaves which they take back to their nests. They chew them into a pulp and a special fungus grows it. Ants cannot digest leaves because they cannot digest cellulose. Many people think ants  a pest but I like them. To stop them  into my kitchen I put some sugar . They have so much to eat that they are not interested  coming into my kitchen. Smile