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Passive Voice

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Passive Voice

Remember:   passive verb = verb 'to be' in the tense of the active verb   +  the past participle of the main verb:

My grandfather built that house --> That house was built by my grandfather.

1) Write the following active verbs in passive:

    I play several instruments   --> They 
      You read a book --> It 
      He listened to them   -->  They...
      We ate a cake -->    It  
      I will clean the house -->  It 
      She is going to cook  the dinner --> It  
      I would do  them --> They 
      We can't open it--> It 
      She is driving a new car --> It 
      You must keep them --> They 
2) Verbs with two objects. Rewrite the following sentences in passive:

      a. My brother sent his girlfriend a bunch of flowers. --> My brother's gilrfriend ...
                                                                                         A bunch of flowers ...
      b. I will show you my new house --> You ...
                                                          My new house ...
      c. I am writing a postcard to my cousins --> My cousins ...
                                                                      A postcard ...
      d. Mr. Jones brought me a box of chocolates -->  I ...  by Mr. Jones
                                                                             A box of chocolates ... by Mr Jones
       e. You can give him his keys -->  He ...
                                                                  His keys ...