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3 exercises-Prepositions of transport

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�����1.����� I never go �car as it has become too expensive.

2.����� She sometimes comes to work �her car.

3.����� I saw Jane �a car the other day.

4.����� They prefer going �a bus as the bus stop is just opposite the school.

5.����� I came here �bus.

6.����� I have never heard of anyone who comes to school �his own bus.

7.����� Last time we were �a plane, we had a very frightening experience.

8.����� It is funny but I think I spotted my granny going �scooter.

9.����� We were late so we came to school �a taxi.

10.Usually we do not go �taxi as the school is only 10 minutes walk.

1.����� We left Riga and went �car enjoying the splendid scenery.

2.����� The detective I hired followed him �his car.

3.����� When we moved to our new house we had to carry all our belongings in �a car.

4.����� They prefer going �car as it is more comfortable than going �a bus.

5.����� She was excited as it was her first time �a tram.

6.����� My cousin wrote to us that she was coming �train but it turned out that all the tickets had been sold and she was forced to go �plane.

7.����� Last time we were �a ferry, the storm broke out and we did not enjoy the voyage.

8.����� Many of my classmates come to school �their personal scooter.

9.����� We had to pay extra $20 as we were late and came �a taxi.

10.Many people prefer to go �bus not �car as it is cheaper.

1.����� He goes everywhere �his car.

2.����� Children came to school �bus.

3.����� Children came to school �a bus.

4.����� They go to work �train.

5.����� I usually have a nap while �a train.

6.����� I like going �taxi.

7.����� My sister on the other hand does not like going �a taxi.

8.����� They spent unforgettable two weeks �a ferry.