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1. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the necessary words.
My name is Kate. I �from Belarus. I �10 year old. I �got a sister. �name is Jenny. �is seven. Jenny �a cat.
My mother �a doctor. My father �a teacher. They �nice!
2. Write the words.
a) What does Jim do every day?
����He��with his cat. He �to music. He �TV and �his cat.
b) What is Jim doing now? And what is his cat doing?
�����And his cat ... ��������������
He �on the floor in his room. He �a very interesting book. His cat �lazy. It �nothing.
3. Write our�or their.
We're sisters. OUR names are Carol and Pet. �mother is a doctor and �father is a teacher. We have got two friends. �names are David and Simon. �mother and father are teachers. They often come to �house.
4. Choose the right word.
a) Emma �the table.
b) Maggie and Tanya �pupils.
c) Alik �to play football.
d) Beth and Pete �to school.
e) �you happy?
f) She �got a sister.
g) �are my cousins.
h) �is my mum.