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1. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the necessary words.
My name is Kate. I  from Belarus. I  10 year old. I  got a sister.  name is Jenny.  is seven. Jenny   a cat.
My mother  a doctor. My father  a teacher. They  nice!
2. Write the words.
a) What does Jim do every day?
    He  with his cat. He  to music. He  TV and  his cat.
b) What is Jim doing now? And what is his cat doing?
      And his cat ...               
He  on the floor in his room. He  a very interesting book. His cat  lazy. It  nothing.
3. Write our or their.
We're sisters. OUR names are Carol and Pet.  mother is a doctor and  father is a teacher. We have got two friends.  names are David and Simon.  mother and father are teachers. They often come to  house.
4. Choose the right word.
a) Emma  the table.
b) Maggie and Tanya  pupils.
c) Alik  to play football.
d) Beth and Pete  to school.
e)  you happy?
f) She  got a sister.
g)  are my cousins.
h)  is my mum.