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Modal verbs must, can, mustnīt, neednīt

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'The new coach of a basketball team is talking to the players
Fill in the gaps with modal verbs:  must, can, mustn't, needn't
1. You  be present at all training sessions.
2.  You  talk to journalists or give autographs if you don't feel like it.
3.  You  drink alcohol.
4.  You go out of town, but always let me know well in advance
5.  You  take any forbidden stimulants.
6.  You  wear the team sweatshirt all the time, if you don't like it.
7.  You  put on weight.
8.  You  drink only water and fruit juices.
9.  You  use the club's sauna and jacuzzi whenever you like.
10. You  do whatever I tell you.