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Teen´s depression. Bulling.

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The Problem of a FLIGHTER

Listen to the story of the girl suffering teen depression:


            Now do the tasks!

       1. Complete the text with the words from the story you've heard:

              So, there is this boy, Alex...
      These girls... in my class... they found out I  him. They, those girls, started sending me 
              e-mails  from Alex. He liked me...
              I was so ... But I got those e-mails and I really thought it was from him...
              So I wrote him stuff about myself... .
              And then I sent an e-mail that was really personal...
              And then I sent ...
              And those girls sent my e-mail . Everyone knew about it. I  e-mails 
              from everyone from school saying: " Alex liked you?" How could I  believe it...
              Those girls, ... There is no way I go back to school. I just want .

              2. Answer the questions:

                 Have you ever been in the bulling situation?                                          
                       How did you cope with it?                                                  
                       Did your parents or friends help you to deal with it?
                       What would you advise this girl?