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Irregular Verbs: learn-meet

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Irregular Verbs: Learn - meet

Present tense Past Tense Participle
  The boy  how to multiply for maths. Last year, he had  how to add and subtract.
  The man had  his way.
  At lunch, the chef  a pizza for his guests.
  Last night, Bob  in bed sleeping and dreaming of the presents he'd get for Christmas.
 Last Monday, I  the president of the bank and shook hands with him. He  me money to buy a new car.
 It was Christmas and we  all the candles in our home and had a cozy evening.
 We  London early in the morning and flew to Reykjavik. On the plane, we  the famous singer from Iceland Bjork, who was on her way home for the Christmas holidays. I  to ask her for her autograph but I was so thrilled to see her that I totally forgot all about it. But still I was happy because she  me sit next to her on the plane.