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Should/might Who/Which/That

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I. Complete the sentences with should/shouldn't/might/might not.
            1.       You  be careful with electricity. You   get an electric shock.

2.       You put things on the stairs. You see them and trip over them.


            3.       You  bend over when you lift something heavy because you hurt your back.

4.       You  use headphones when there is traffic around you. You  hear a car.


            5.       You  eat too much junk food, because you  get fat.

6.       You  wear a seatbelt in the car. The driver stop suddenly.

            7.       If you eat a lot of sugar, you  take a lot of exercise.
II. Look at the table and the example. Make sentences.  





is something/someone that

you go to when you are ill.

2.       A patient

people use to cut down trees.

3.       An axe

you eat when you don’t want to cook.

4.       An archeologist

a doctor sees.

5.       Junk food

studies the past.

6.       A doctor

you put on your skin when you sunbathe.

1. Sunscreen is something that you put on your skin when you sunbathe.
2. .
3. .
4. .
5. .
6. .
III.       Use the expressions from the column  a) and b) to make sentences.
                                                     a)                                                                 b)
a tablet that

you wear when it’s hot.

things that

jewellery is made of

something which

you sit on

something that

you take when you have a headache

a material which

you shoot with a bow

an item of clothing that

you can win in a competition

a part of your body that

you do before a test

EXAMPLE: Revision is something that you do before a test.
Arrows are .
Gold is .
Your bottom is .
A T-shirt is .
An aspirin is .
A prize is .
IV.  Look at the example and combine the sentences.

EXAMPLE: This is the band. I like to listen to this band. ŕ This is the band that I like to listen to.

1.       This is the album. I like this album best.
  2.       This is the girl. The girl sings.
  3.       Here are the boys. The boys live next door.
  4.        There is the man. The man is my friend’s boss.
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