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Should/might Who/Which/That

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I. Complete the sentences with should/shouldn't/might/might not.
����������� 1.������ You� be careful with electricity. You� get an electric shock.

2.������ You put things on the stairs. You see them and trip over them.

����������� 3.������ You� bend over when you lift something heavy because you hurt your back.

4.������ You� use headphones when there is traffic around you. You� hear a car.

����������� 5.������ You� eat too much junk food, because you� get fat.

6.������ You� wear a seatbelt in the car. The driver stop suddenly.

����������� 7.������ If you eat a lot of sugar, you �take a lot of exercise.
II. Look at the table and the example. Make sentences.��


is something/someone that

you go to when you are ill.

2.������ A patient

people use to cut down trees.

3.������ An axe

you eat when you don�t want to cook.

4.������ An archeologist

a doctor sees.

5.������ Junk food

studies the past.

6.������ A doctor

you put on your skin when you sunbathe.

1. Sunscreen is something that you put on your skin when you sunbathe.
2. .
3. .
4. .
5. .
6. .
III.������ Use the expressions from the column a) and b) to make sentences.
���������������������������������������������������� a)���������������������������������������������������������������� b)
a tablet that

you wear when it�s hot.

things that

jewellery is made of

something which

you sit on

something that

you take when you have a headache

a material which

you shoot with a bow

an item of clothing that

you can win in a competition

a part of your body that

you do before a test

EXAMPLE: Revision is something that you do before a test.
Arrows are .
Gold is .
Your bottom is .
A T-shirt is .
An aspirin is .
A prize is .
IV.� Look at the example and combine the sentences.

EXAMPLE: This is the band. I like to listen to this band. This is the band that I like to listen to.

1.������ This is the album. I like this album best.
��2.������ This is the girl. The girl sings.
� 3.������ Here are the boys. The boys live next door.
��4.������� There is the man. The man is my friend�s boss.
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