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Study the following chart, then complete the exercises that follow.

Affirmative Statement,

Negative tag

Negative Statement,

Affirmative tag

Maria is from Spain,

isn't she?

John isn't from France,

is he?

Beatrice wakes up early,

doesn't she?

She doesn't like chocolate,

does she?

Harry and Kim have got a cat,

haven't they?

They haven't got a dog,

have they?
  •  Choose the correct question-tag
  1. Peter is from London,
  2. We start school at 8 o' clock,
  3. They aren't cousins,
  4. Terry and Jane like playing tennis,
  5. My mother is pretty,
  6. Mary doesn't go swimming on Mondays,
  7. I'm a good student,
  8. You are my best friend, 
  9. It's a lion,
  10. Mandy has got long, black hair,
  • Tick the correct option

1. Sally is a beatiful girl, isn't she?  

   Sally is a beatiful girl, is she?       

2. They don't like playing tennis, don't they?  

    They don't like playing tennis, do they?      
3. I'm not a bad person, aren't I?  
    I'm not a bad person, am I?         
4. Sam and his brother have got blue eyes, haven't they?  
    Sam and his brother have got blue eyes, have they?            
5. Peter goes to school by bus, does he?       
   Peter goes to school by bus, doesn't he?