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Exercises on Present Simple

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1. Complete with do, does, don�t, doesn�t.:

1.����� your little sister like music?

2.���� Yes, she �.�She�s crazy about Ricky Martin.

3.���� �your parents like Eminem?

4.���� No, they . They hate him.

5. What sort of music �you like?

6. Pop music.

7. �your brother like chocolate?

8. Yes, he . He loves it.

9. �your grandparents like soap operas?

10. Yes, they �. Their favourite one is Los Serrano.

2. Correct the mistakes

1. How many languages do you speaks?

2. Where does you live?

3. What kind of music you do like?

4. Are your parents speak English?

5. My mother don�t like chocolate at all.

6. My brother live in Australia now.

7. We doesn�t know any Beatles songs.

8. She living in my city with me
9. I am not go to university every day��

3. Make a question:

1.���� where/live/your/parents

2.���� you/early/always/get up

3.���� how often/TV/you/watch

4.���� you/want/what/for/dinner

5.���� like/you/football

6.��� your brother/like/football

7.�� what/you/do/in/the/evenings

8.��� your sister/work/where

4. Fill with DO/DOES/DON�T/DOESN�T

1. �Ann go to playschool? Yes, she �but she �like it.
2. �Sandra and Jennifer walk to school together? Yes, they �but they �always walk back together.
3. �Mary buy a new CD every day? No, she . She only gets one for her birthday.
4. What �the cats eat? �they eat dog biscuits? No, they �They eat cat food.
5. �Peter always learn his English vocabulary? Yes, he �but he �know them very well.
6. �the children often drive the tractor at home? No, they �Their father drives the tractor.

�� 5. Complete with the correct form

1.John always �(go) to bed at 8 o'clock, but he �(not like) it.
2. Birds �(not sing) in the house, but they (sing) in the garden.
3. Alex and Dennis �(like) spaghetti, but they �(not like) spinach.
4. Bj�rn �(learn) English at school, but he �(not learn) Latin.
5. Paula �(not write) letters every day, but she �(write) a letter every week.
6. I �(wear) a blue uniform at school, but I �(not wear) a school hat.
7. Carla �(tidy) her bedroom up once a week, but she �(not tidy) it up every day.
8. Brian �(not walk) to school in the morning, but he �(walk) home after school.
9. A dog �(not need) clothes, but it �(need) warm fur in winter.
10. English children �(read) a lot of English books, but they �(not read) German books.

6. Form the interrogative:

1.What �you want to do today?
2. Where �Peter live?

�� 3. When �school start in England?
�� 4. What �Sarah like?
�� 5. How many bread rolls �you usually have�for breakfast?
�� 6. Why �children always�watch TV?

7. Where �your parents usually�go shopping?
8. Why �your dog always bark?

�� 9. What �your parents do?
10. Who �Peter�do his homework�with every day?