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Study the table with the rules and then do the exercises.
Choose the correct option.
She �going to have a birthday party.�� Tom �going to pass his exams.
I �going to make sausages for lunch.��� They �going to go to England.
My sister �going to do her English Homework.It �going to fall down.
Look at these verbs�and complete the sentences�using Going to Future.
Emma her English exam next week.�
It is very hot today. I��in the lake.
We �our grandparents this weekend. We haven't seen them for a long time.
John and his brother �their bikes.
I �the table. It's time for lunch.�
David �his homework after school.
It's Paul's birthday next week. We �him a present.
His sister �the violin at the concert.
Look at the pictures and write. There is one example.
�� My father / paint the room purple. My�cousin / ride a horse.
My father is going to paint the room pink.
I / learn the English alphabet. You / do some exercises.
They / get married. I / have a big breakfast.
We / have fun at the playground. The children�/ play computer games.
������� �� created by teacher Jelena :)