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test 4 for the 4th grade

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Hello English for the 4th grade
     1. Listen and draw lines (you can do it also as a project work on Glogster where you should log in)
Andrew's bag is next to the desk now. It was on the bed yesterday.
Andrew's magazines  now. They  yesterday.
Andrew's skateboard  now. It  yesterday.
Andrew's model planes  now They  yesterday.
Andrew's T - shirts  now. They  yesterday.
Andrew's jacket  now. It  yesterday.
    3. Answer the questions (about yesterday morning)
Was Billy in the bathroom at 8 o'clock ? Yes, he was.
Were Mary and Sally at school? No, they weren't.
1.Was Mary at the supermarket ? X
2.Were Ted and Ned at the toy shop? V
3.Were there three books on the table? V
4.Was there an apple on the table? V
5.Were the children at the swimming pool? X
  4. Make sentences
Maria/park/was/the/in/yesterday. Maria was in the park yesterday.
1. usually/Ben/bed/goes/ten/to/o'clock/at.  .
2. weekend/were/at/you/last/home ?  ?
3. children/weren't/yesterday/tired/the .  .
4. were/some/books/there/desk/my/under .  .
5. any/chocolate/there/table/wasn't/the/on .  .
   5. Fill in  was, were

    It was sunny yesterday and my shoes were dirty.

         1. How old  you last year? I   ten.

       2. Where   Ben and Bill yesterday? Ben   at school and Bill   at home.
       3.   you at home yesterday evening? No, we   at a restaurant.
       4. Ben's clothes   on the floor in the morning. His mother   cross.
       5. There   some tomatoes in the shopping bag.