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English Placement Test

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English Placement Test
Instructions: �� Choose the correct�option from the selection box �(�Leave it blank�if not sure of your answer)
1. What's your name?
2.Jack is our sales manager, you need to speak to
3. They have�their weekly meetings�
4. I am 18. �are you?
5.�Tina has �English lesson on Sundays.
6. What do you do? I'm �actor.
WORD ORDER: (Q.7 to 10)Only one sentence is correct, which one?
11. Could you tell me �the nearest bank is?
12. She wanted a pink�dress but they only had .
13. My uncle is my .
14. There� students in the classroom.
15. I�go home very late � night.
16. A� flies planes.
17. The room was empty. There� there.
18. My aunt is a/an . She teaches English.
19. What did Tom do yesterday? He �a letter to his pen-friend.
20. Paul is� Jan not to�wait for him.
21. Have you sent the�letter to Mr. Hank?�Yes, I've �done that.
22. is it from�Manama to Riffa?
23. has�she been waiting?
24.�your homework�but �no mistakes!
25. You can meet our�manager� you like.
26. I just wanted �thank you for �me.
27. I��go cycling�when I was young.
28. The�house can't be dirty. The housemaid��.
29. We are looking forward� the person in charge.
30.Has the photocopier� paper again? Yes, we've got to buy some more.
31. The employees weren't surprised by the bankruptcy and nor� their employer.
32. She� working late at night nowadays.
33. If I won the lottery, I� a�villa in the countryside.
34. Suzi �in Rome since 1991.
35. She� go to the dentist's yesterday.
36. Would you mind� in the office? It�s a non smoking area.
37. We haven't got� mineral water.
38. You�look tired. You �go to bed.
39. I wish I� a car. I'm so tired of catching the bus.
40. I'm travelling tomorrow at�5:00 am, so I� go to bed late.
41. We� better hurry up or we'll be late for the metting.
42. If you'd attended the meeting last week, you �all the viewpoints.
43.�Tom couldn't mend the watch�himself, so�he� at a shop.
44. I thought�she� to the party tonight.
45. The man��at the cafe�is my father.
46. I can't see you tomorrow so I'm afraid we will have to���
�the meeting.
47. We� turn off�our phones on the plane.
48. I haven't had lunch with my friends �two years.
49. Cade forgot �the lights when he went out.
50. It's no use �to�her. She never listens.


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