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English Placement Test

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English Placement Test
Instructions:    Choose the correct option from the selection box  ( Leave it blank if not sure of your answer)
1. What's your name? 
2.  Jack is our sales manager, you need to speak to
3. They have their weekly meetings 
4. I am 18.  are you?
5. Tina has  English lesson on Sundays.
6. What do you do? I'm  actor.
WORD ORDER: (Q.7 to 10)Only one sentence is correct, which one?   
11. Could you tell me  the nearest bank is?
12. She wanted a pink dress but they only had .
13. My uncle is my .
14. There  students in the classroom.
15. I go home very late   night.
16. flies planes.
17. The room was empty. There  there.
18. My aunt is a/an . She teaches English.
19. What did Tom do yesterday? He  a letter to his pen-friend.
20. Paul is  Jan not to wait for him.
21. Have you sent the letter to Mr. Hank? Yes, I've  done that.
22.  is it from Manama to Riffa?
23.  has she been waiting?
24.  your homework but  no mistakes!
25. You can meet our manager  you like.
26. I just wanted  thank you for  me.
27.  go cycling when I was young.
28. The house can't be dirty. The housemaid  .
29. We are looking forward  the person in charge.
30. Has the photocopier  paper again? Yes, we've got to buy some more.
31. The employees weren't surprised by the bankruptcy and nor  their employer.
32. Sh working late at night nowadays.
33. If I won the lottery, I  a villa in the countryside.
34. Suzi  in Rome since 1991.
35. She  go to the dentist's yesterday.
36. Would you mind  in the office? It’s a non smoking area.
37. We haven't got  mineral water.
38. You look tired. You  go to bed.
39. I wish I  a car. I'm so tired of catching the bus.
40. I'm travelling tomorrow at 5:00 am, so I  go to bed late.
41. We  better hurry up or we'll be late for the metting.
42. If you'd attended the meeting last week, you  all the viewpoints.
43. Tom couldn't mend the watch himself, so he  at a shop.
44. I thought she  to the party tonight.
45. The man  at the cafe is my father.
46. I can't see you tomorrow so I'm afraid we will have to   
 the meeting.
47. We  turn off our phones on the plane.
48. I haven't had lunch with my friends  two years.
49. Cade forgot  the lights when he went out.
50. It's no use  to her. She never listens.



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