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Match the questions with the answers.
1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?  
3. What do you like?
4. Do you like             swimming?                 
5. What's your           favourite animal?      
        1right arrow stripes
        2right arrow stripes
        3right arrow stripes
        4right arrow stripes
        5right arrow stripes
a) A dog.                 
b) Yes, I do.           
c) Sarah.                 
d) I like basketball.
e) I'm eight.           
                         flashing horizontal lineflashing horizontal line
Choose WHAT or WHO to make a question.
 is this?
It's a doll.
 is this?
It's my baby brother.
 is this?
It's my grandad.
 is this?
It's a birthday cake.
 is this?
It's a pen.
 is this?
It's a girl.
 is this?
It's a teacher.
 is this?
It's a schoolbag.
 is this?
It's a calendar.
 is this?
It's a pencil.
                 flashing horizontal lineflashing horizontal line
Look at the examples and then look at the pictures and tick the correct box.
                                                                                           Yes/NO                                               Yes/NO
                                     1. Those are books.                                                   2. That is a kite.              
                              3. That is a car.                                                       4. That is a train.              
                              5. These are teddy bears.                                         6. Those are bikes.           
                              7. This is a plane.                                                     8. These are balls.            

                   flashing horizontal lineflashing horizontal line

Look at the example and choose MY, YOUR, HIS or HER.
               Do as in the example: 
animated clipartShe- Kate
animated clipartreading
 name is Kate.
She  reading.
animated clipartHe-Peter  
animated clipartcomputers        
 name is Peter.
He  computers.
animated clipartI- Nick
animated clipartpainting
 name is Nick.
animated clipartYou- Sue
animated clipartstudying
 name is Sue.  
You   studying.  
animated clipartShe- Emma          animated clipartcooking
 name is Emma.
She  cooking.
animated clipartYou- Beth
animated cliparteating
 name is Beth.
You  eating.
                           flashing horizontal lineflashing horizontal line
Make questions starting with DO or DOES and then give a short answer.
he    his phone
 he like his phone?
Yes, he .
they  this student
 they like this student?
Yes, they .
she  studying
 she like studying?
No, she .
they    the bus
 they like the bus?
Yes, they .
he   snow
 he like snow?
No, he .
you      flu
 you like flu?
No, I .
                    Good luck,
Teacher Mira