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Check your skills.

I. Reading. "The Ant and the Grasshopper"

It was a lovely summer day. The grasshoper was sitting in the sun, playing his violin. An ant walked by, grunting as he carried an enormous piece of corn on his back. "That corn looks really heavy,"said the prasshoper. "Come and play with me instead." The ant was tired and hot. He pointed at a pile of corn. "I can't, this will be my food during winter,"he said. "There will be less food then, so I must prepare now." The grasshoper laughed. "Why worry about winter?"he said. "It's summer now and there's plenty of food."


Soon the weather became very cold and the ground was covered with thick snow and ice. The grasshoper tried to dig, but he couldn't find any food. "Help me, I'm hungry,"said the grasshoper to the ant. "Please, can I share your food?" The ant had lots of food and was kind and generous. "I will help you this time,"said the ant, and he gave the grasshoper some corn. "But next year I will not help you. You mustn't be lazy and you must prepare for winter!"

1.  Read and match.

1. enormous     a. to use something together with another person                                             1.

2. prepare         b. very, very big                                                                                               2.

3. worry            c. to get ready now so that you need in the future                                           3.

4. thick             d. you are happy to give something you have to other people who need it.     4.

5. dig                 e. they don't want to do any work or exercise.                                               5.

6. share              f. to think about something bad that is maybe going to happen in the future 6.

7. generous        g. to make a hole in the ground                                                                      7.

8. lazy                h. if ice is thick, there are a few centimetres of it on the ground.                    8.

2. Complete the sentences.

1. The grasshoper played his . 2. The ant carried some heavy  corn. 3. There is plenty of food in . 4. That winter the ant was very  and .

II. Vocabulary.

1. Write. bridge   straight on   right   roundabout   left   traffic lights

Yesterday I was with my dad outside my house. A man asked, "Excuse me, where's the station?" My dad said, "Go , then turn  at the . At the , turn . Go under a  and it's in front of you." "Thank you,"said the man. "You know the city well." "That's because I'm a taxi driver,"my dad said.

2. Read and write T (true) or F (false).

             15€     7€     3€     50C

1. The red flowers are the most expensive.    2. The purple flowers are the cheapest.   3. The purple flowers are more expensive than the yellow and white ones.    4. The yellow and white flowers are less expensive than the red ones.

III. Grammar.

1. "Why" or "because".

1.  are you smiling?  I'm happy.   2. I won this trophy  I came first in a race at school. But  are you asking me?

2. Write hers   theirs   mine   yours   ours   his

1. She won a trophy. It's .     2. You have done it well. This is .     3. They ordered it. It's .     4. We have lost keys. Look! These keys are .     5. I have two pets. This one is .     6. He lives in the flat. This flat is .