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Downloadable worksheets:
How are you today?
Level: elementary
Age: 6-17
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What�s the weather like today? (1/2) - Vocabulary worksheet for Elementary and Lower Intermediate students
Level: elementary
Age: 7-12
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"What�s the weather like today?" (2/2) - vocabulary worksheet for Elementary and lower Intermediate Students
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Age: 8-12
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How are you feeling today?
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
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DO or MAKE? that it the grammar question today =) A complete test on usage of the verbs �do� and �make� in different contexts, including common verb phrases phrasal verbs. 2 PAGES.
Level: advanced
Age: 13-14
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What�s the weather like today? (2 pages)
Level: elementary
Age: 6-9
Downloads: 962


1- Match the verbs with the pictures.
a - cook lunch
b- watch TV
c- play football
d- have a shower
1- ��2-
3- �� 4-
2- Complete the dialogues with the expressions below.
�I'd rather have��������������� I'd prefer o watch������������ I'd rather play��������������I'd rather�go�
A-�� What would you like to eat ?
B-�� I'd like a pizza.
C-�� Pizza? No, thanks, not for me. �a sandwich.
A-��� Where would ou like to go?
B-��� How about the lake?
C-��� The lake? No, thanks. �to he beach.
A-��� So- let's go for a walk this afternoon.
B-��� No, thanks - �TV.
C-�� TV? You are joking! I is a beautiful day, �tennis.
3 - Reflexive pronouns: Complete the table:
I������������ �myself
It����������� �
4- Star signs: Find 12 star sigs.

5- Put the dialogue into the correct order:
LUCY���� OK. Tell me when your birthday is.
LUCY���� What star sign are you?
LUCY�����Well, usually they are people who are energetic and work hard.
LUCY���� Right. January 12th - that means you are Capricorn.
ALEX���� Well, I always work hard but I am not very energetic.
ALEX�����Star sign? I don't know.
ALEX���� And what are Capricorns like?
ALEX���� It is January 12th.�