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Article Cloze

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                      Article Cloze
1£®Fill in each blank with the, a, an ,or /. Use / where no article is needed.
Dear Amy, Hug
We finally went on   trip to  Middle East that I told you about!  Daphane and Lees came along. We travelled first by  plane to  Cairo and then by    bus to    sites.
 Egypt is as fantastic as   brochures say! We saw   Pyramids, of course. There was   restoration job going on around   Sphinx, so we had to choose carefully  best angle to take  pictures. We spent some time just walking around despite  heat, enjoying  feeling of being there.
in  afternoon, we took  boat tour on Nile, and we had dinner on   boat. It was  delicious meal. I tried  vegetables and  beans cooked in  different ways, with ingredients that I coundln't recognise but that tasted like best things I've eaten in my life!
I can't wait to show you  pictures we took!