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Write the appropriate form of the adjective in the brackets

1.     The town is just as  (large) as my native one.

2.    The road was  (long) than we had expected.

3.    The girl is very  (intelligent).

4.    As soon as they understood that the second book was  (boring) than the first one, they changed their mind.

5.    The shop is  (far) than the school.

6.    Ventspils is  (far) town in Latvia I have been to.

7.    Tim is  (intelligent) than Pat.

8.    The heat is less  (harmful) than the cold.

9.    This song is  (beautiful) one in the world!

10. They are as  (stubborn) as donkeys!

11.  The weather today is  (bad) than the weather yesterday but not as  (bad) as it was four days ago.

12. The story was  (exciting) one I have ever heard.

13. They were less  (tired) than we.

14. George bought a  (new) car than he could ever imagine.

15. The mark is a  (good) than I expected.

16. They are very  (upset) with the results.

17. She is  (polite) than me.

18. The boy is  (fast) runner of all.

19. It is as  (pleasant) as a greeting card.

20.The movie was  (interesting) than the book.

21. The price will be less  (aggressive) than the previous time.

22.The nature is  (important) than making profit.

23.The cake is just as  (sweet) as the ice-cream.

24.Sometimes friends are  (devoted) than relatives.

25.Planes are  (convenient) means of travelling of all.

26.Some cars are  (expensive) than others.

27.The jeans are very  (dirty) in fact they are  (dirty) than the trousers.

28.Acandle gives  (little) than a lamp.

29.This blanket is  (warm) than that blanket.

30.The dog is  (angry) than its master.