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Business Vocabulary

Downloadable worksheets:
JOB INTERVIEW - vocabulary, tips, gaps filling and speaking (fully editable)
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Age: 14-17
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Banking and business vocabulary. 4 pages + Key included (Editable)
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Choose the right synonym or definition and tick the box in front of it.
Do not tick the wrong boxes.                                     PART 1.
1. accuse of

a. blame

b. refuse

c. appear

2. claim

a. climb

b. ask

c. work very hard

3. ability

a. when you move very quickly

b. when you know how and can

c. a check at the workplace

4. seek

a. something very little

b. not feeling well

c. look for

5. conduct

a. a profession

b. to carry out

c. to skip something

6. purchase

a. to buy

b. to reach final phase

c. to climb up

7. form filling

a. to complete the documents

b. to fill a form with water

c. feeling of uneasiness

8. keep the tracks

a. run on the track

b. not to change the course

c. to write all the entries accordingly

9. equipment

a. an official at the ministry

b. things that are necessary

c. a software

10. formalities

a. forms for malachite

b. uniforms of supervisors

c. required order

11. tender

a. a procedure to select the contractor

b. a street shop assistant

c. a guilty person

12. announce

a. to jump

b. to tell everybody

c. annual profit of a company